Roof rot is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a property owner. It may not appear like a big deal. However, you’ll know it’s already time to inspect your attic for the reason if this problem becomes obvious by falling plasters or ceiling water spots.  

Today, we are going to share some things you should know about roof rot before you hire a Helena MT roofing contractor

Causes of Roof Rot 

There are many things that can result in roof rot. However, there are 3 main causes. This includes ventilation issues, moisture from the condensation due to temperature, and humidity because of temperature changes in the attic.  

If it’s your first time owning a house, you probably don’t have any idea what a roof rot is. Well, dry rot (commonly known as roof rot) is what occurs whenever there is too much moisture in the attic. Another cause can be a water leak in the roof that enables water to leak inside the attic.  

Regardless of the cause, a professional roofing contractor can look for it and help you with solving the issue and helping to guarantee it will not happen again. 

Preventing Roof Rot 

Having routine inspections is the ideal way to ensure that your roof is free of rot. Hiring a roofer to come and inspect your attic will guarantee that you’ll be able to take measures to get rid of these issues if there are any indications of excess humidity, leaks, or moisture.  

Making sure that you’ve got a correct roof ventilation system is one thing you can do. the moisture from the humidity will have no place to go if you do not have a ventilation system in place. Therefore, it will sink into the wood and causing roof rot. Also, you have to monitor how your shingles are doing. You’ve got to ensure there is no debris on the roof that stops water from running off the roof.  

Dealing with Roof Rot 

There’s a possibility that you can fix dry rot. This is particularly true if the affected areas aren’t responsible for your home’s structural stability. It may be worth fixing it rather than replacing it if it isn’t a flooring, joint, or beam. However, you’ve got to ensure you find the cause of the issue before you deal with the roof rot. Once the problem is fixed, you can now concentrate on the roof rot, whether the cause is a gutter that is damaged, leaks in your plumbing system, bad ventilation, and a leaking roof.  

If you want to fix it, you’ve got to get rid of as much damaged wood as you can. A wood chisel is the ideal instrument you can use here. Then, you’ve got to inject a consolidant into the wood. This will help in reinforcing the damaged wood that you might not reach.  

However, the best to deal with roof rot is to hire a professional roofing contractor. They’ll have the tools and skills needed to effectively fix the problem.