Ways to Maintain Your Tile Roof

The roof helps in keeping the structural integrity of your house and protects you and your family from the elements. Concrete tiles are common roofing materials for homeowners throughout the United States. Of course, there is a reason for this. Tiles provide a lot of advantages, from superior resistance against weathering to minimal maintenance.  

However, you’ve got to schedule a routine inspection from a Sioux Falls SD roofing contractor and perform regular maintenance to extend the life of your roof tiles. Here are some tips you can follow: 

Roof Inspections After a Storm or Every Year 

Almost every roof manufacturer needs regular and documented inspections to maintain the coverage of the warranty. But, these kinds of inspections can only be done by a professional roofer. Cleaning service providers aren’t licensed, certified, and trained to do these kinds of jobs. They can end up causing damage that you have to fix. 

Fix Broken Tiles 

Tile roofs should last more than 5 decades with the right maintenance and installation. But, a couple of contractors cut corners during the installation. This includes failing to install flashing. This can lower the life of the roof by 50%. Missing top flashing enables rainwater to run under the tiles. This can lead to deterioration, leaks, and cracks. Because of this, the tile roof can start to leak at just 5 years. They might have to be replaced by 10-15 years. 

Fortunately, you can install protective flashing at any time. This will greatly improve the life of your tile roof. You can also restore the tile roof’s integrity and improve its lifespan with roof repair. A couple of the indications your roof requires repair include interior water damage, stains from leaks, and water leaking under the tile.  


The cause could be black algae if your tile roof starts looking older due to black streaks. You shouldn’t be tempted to hire the services of ordinary cleaners who utilize high-pressure water and dangerous chemicals to get rid of the black streaks. This can often lead to more damage. you should think about a soft wash using an all-natural cleaning solution if you really want to clean the roof without damaging it. This will help improve the lifespan of your tile roof. 

There are a lot of benefits you can get if you regularly clean your roof. This includes improving the lifespan of the roof, maintain the value of your property, restore the roof’s appearance, prolong its lifespan, improve curb appeal, and much more.  

Top Flashing 

To protect your property and improve its aesthetics, your tile roof needs excellent top flashing. This can help avoid leaks. Thus, it will offer you peace of mind. There are a lot of benefits you can get if you add a top flashing to your roof. This includes preventing leaks from happening, bridges gap at walls and openings, keeps water on top of the roof, can be added to the roof at any time, can be painted to match the exterior décor of your house, and much more.  

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Project

It can be a bit of an intimidating task to choose the right roofer to fix your roof. However, there are a couple of things you can look for that will help you pick the correct one for the project. The roofer you are going to hire should tick all of the boxes, whether your roof requires a complete replacement or minor repairs.  

If you hire a Moses Lake WA roofing contractor based on the qualifications below, it will guarantee that the project will be finished properly and effectively.  

Don’t Be Deceived with Low Prices 

Questionably low rates can be a disguise for trouble. The roofer might not be covered by insurance, or they might not have the right certifications, materials, and tools. In addition to that, they might not be getting the right permits in an effort to lower expenses. However, this is extremely crucial since the permit process is done to protect you from poor workmanship.  

Be Sure They’ve Got Insurance 

The roofer needs to have insurance and should be able to offer you a proof of the correct certifications. You should not hire a contractor that does not have liability insurance or workman’s compensation. You’ve got to ensure you contact the provider if there is any shadow of a doubt that the roofer does not have insurance. This will help you verify that the roofer in question is covered properly.  

Hire a Local Roofer 

It is ideal to pick a local professional when it comes to hiring a roofer for your project. If you’ve got a warranty on the roof, it’s vital to choose a successful and local company so that the warranty stays intact. Hiring a roofer that your neighbors and friends trust is the ideal way to guarantee you’ll get a long-lasting roof project from a reliable roofer.  

Know the Complete Name and Address of the Company 

Do you know the complete address and name of the company? Getting the complete address of the contractor’s office can be a vital element in figuring out the time in the business of a company. Ask for a complete street address as well if a post office box is given. It is ideal to hire a company that has an office close to you. The possibilities of faster response time and better service are great. 

The Contractor’s Experience 

How long has the contractor been working? Typically, it is always better if the contractor has been in the industry for a longer period. However, you should also keep in mind that every professional has to start somewhere. To double-check any contractor, references will be extremely useful. This is particularly true if you are dealing with a contractor that has less than 3 years of experience in the industry. A newer roofer might have a better future. However, it’s only reasonable to be extremely wary when thinking about its referrals. The reason for this is that in the first 3 years, the failure rate of small businesses is extremely high. Hiring an experienced contractor will offer you peace of mind.  

Most Popular Roofing Scams

If homeowners do not know what to look out for, they will be susceptible to roofing scams. Of course, the stress of having a damaged roof can lead to them missing signs that indicate they’re heading for trouble.  

Unluckily, not every roofing contractor has your best interest in mind. Thus, it is crucial to be able to recognize the red flags of a scam. Today, we’re going to share with you some popular roofing scams when you try to hire a Fargo roofing contractor

Whenever you’re hiring a contractor, there are a couple of forms of roofing scams that you’ve got to look out for. A lot of scammers aren’t licensed. They only want your money. You shouldn’t be fooled by a salesperson who can talk well. They do not care about repairing the issue.  

Roofers with no Licenses 

There are a couple of states that do not need contractors to have a roofing license. You’ve got to ensure you ask contractors to offer proof of licensure if you live in an area where roofing licenses are necessary. You’ve got to do this before you sign the contract. A lot of homeowners do not care to see the license of the contractor. However, it is vital that the contractor has the right documents. The contractor might be operating legally if they cannot offer proof of licensure. They might be trying to scam you. 

It’s easy to avoid this scam. All you’ve got to do is ask the roofer to offer proof of licensure. It is ideal to stop talking with them and look for another company if they give you any trouble over this. You can also search online to see if that contractor really is legitimate.  

Storm Chasers 

While storm chaser roofing scams are popular, they’re still common. This is particularly true in groups that are prone to it. If your town has been hit by damaging winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes, storm chasers will appear. They will pitch the scam to agitate you if your roof has been damaged. Aside from taking advantage, storm chasers sometimes generate extremely poor workmanship and are not licensed.  

You should be careful if a roofing company suddenly arrives promising to solve your issue if your roof has sustained storm damage. You’ve got to do your research first and ask the contractor to offer proof of insurance and licensure. You shouldn’t hire a contractor that has no physical address. They might be trying to scam you if they can only offer you a post office box number.  

Huge Down or Upfront Payments Needed 

No roofer should ever ask you to pay upfront the complete amount for your roof replacement. Roofing scammers who ask you to pay a huge down payment are known for taking the cash and running away. A legitimate and reliable roofing contractor might ask for a reasonable down payment. However, you will not have to pay in full until you’re totally satisfied with the job. You can prevent this scam by refusing to pay for the job until it is done.  

Things to Know About Roof Rot

Roof rot is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a property owner. It may not appear like a big deal. However, you’ll know it’s already time to inspect your attic for the reason if this problem becomes obvious by falling plasters or ceiling water spots.  

Today, we are going to share some things you should know about roof rot before you hire a Helena MT roofing contractor

Causes of Roof Rot 

There are many things that can result in roof rot. However, there are 3 main causes. This includes ventilation issues, moisture from the condensation due to temperature, and humidity because of temperature changes in the attic.  

If it’s your first time owning a house, you probably don’t have any idea what a roof rot is. Well, dry rot (commonly known as roof rot) is what occurs whenever there is too much moisture in the attic. Another cause can be a water leak in the roof that enables water to leak inside the attic.  

Regardless of the cause, a professional roofing contractor can look for it and help you with solving the issue and helping to guarantee it will not happen again. 

Preventing Roof Rot 

Having routine inspections is the ideal way to ensure that your roof is free of rot. Hiring a roofer to come and inspect your attic will guarantee that you’ll be able to take measures to get rid of these issues if there are any indications of excess humidity, leaks, or moisture.  

Making sure that you’ve got a correct roof ventilation system is one thing you can do. the moisture from the humidity will have no place to go if you do not have a ventilation system in place. Therefore, it will sink into the wood and causing roof rot. Also, you have to monitor how your shingles are doing. You’ve got to ensure there is no debris on the roof that stops water from running off the roof.  

Dealing with Roof Rot 

There’s a possibility that you can fix dry rot. This is particularly true if the affected areas aren’t responsible for your home’s structural stability. It may be worth fixing it rather than replacing it if it isn’t a flooring, joint, or beam. However, you’ve got to ensure you find the cause of the issue before you deal with the roof rot. Once the problem is fixed, you can now concentrate on the roof rot, whether the cause is a gutter that is damaged, leaks in your plumbing system, bad ventilation, and a leaking roof.  

If you want to fix it, you’ve got to get rid of as much damaged wood as you can. A wood chisel is the ideal instrument you can use here. Then, you’ve got to inject a consolidant into the wood. This will help in reinforcing the damaged wood that you might not reach.  

However, the best to deal with roof rot is to hire a professional roofing contractor. They’ll have the tools and skills needed to effectively fix the problem. 

Pests and Roof Problems

Aside from the natural elements, there are a lot of other things that can damage your roof. One of the most popular ones is pests. Aside from damaging your roof, these pests can also cause damages to your home and can affect the health of your family once they infest inside. 

When you find signs of pest infestation in your roof, you have to call a professional Bozeman MT roofing contractor right away. 


Wasps like to settle inside roofs. Usually, they are active during the summer season. Wasps normally build nests in places easy for them to access. Unluckily, these nests have a tendency to be hard for homeowners to find. Wasps present a threat to you and your loved ones, despite their small size. You have to get rid of them right away. 

Mice and Rats 

You may not assume that mice and rats can cause issues in the roof. However, you are very wrong. Though they usually reside in drains, sewers, and trash, mice and rats can also make a nest in the roof cavity and in your attic. They’re like birds. They are attracted to warm areas. Thus, your roof cavity and attic are ideal areas for them to breed and hide. These pests are known to carry a lot of diseases that are spread through their bite wounds, urine, and feces. It is time to contact a professional whenever you see little droppings. Also, you’ve got to hire a roofing contractor to inspect your roof for damages.  


For those who don’t know, birds are the number one pests that can damage your roof. Aside from the annoying noise they can create, they can also nest and roost under the eaves or on the roof. This is where the actual issue begins. Birds are extremely hard to remove. They create a lot of issues on and off the roof. Bird droppings and nests create health threats to you and your family. You have to remember that birds also tend to prefer warm places. This makes your roof an ideal place for them. They particularly favor roofs with solar panels. You will require a professional to get rid of birds.  

Common Roof Issues 

  • Gutters 

Oftentimes, gutters will go ignored. A crucial element of the roofing system, the gutters offer a line of defense against water damage. A gutter system that is not maintained well enables water to back up into the roof. This can result in water leaking inside the eaves. This damage can result in roof rot if not checked.  

  • Leaks 

Leaks are the number one issue homeowners may face. There are a lot of reasons why a roof leaks. Almost every leak happens near the chimney, gutters, and skylights. One common sign of a leak is a watermark on the ceiling. If you notice it, you might have a leak somewhere on the roof. It is suggested that you hire a professional roofer to examine your roof every year for leaks. This will guarantee that you avoid expensive repairs in the future.